Origins of Maharishi Marma Therapy

Maharishi Marma Therapy, also called 'Sukshma' ('gentle') Marma Therapy, comes from Ayurveda, the natural healthcare system used for thousands of years in India.

Marma Therapy was revived by Dr Ernst Schrott together with Vaidya Dr. J.R. Raju, one of the top Ayurvedic physicians in India, and the Yoga teacher Stefan Schrott. 

Based on traditional Vedic knowledge, classical Ayurvedic texts, and inspiration from Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, the revival of this technique has taken many years of research, study, and practical experience.

Marek Lorys - Maharishi Marma Therapist

I’ve had a lifelong interest in health and self-development. At the age of 16 I started doing yoga, at 21 I learned Transcendental Meditation, and the following year I became a TM teacher and taught in the UK and other countries, including Poland.


In my 30s I studied the traditional system of natural healthcare known as Ayurveda. I travelled to India, met some of the world’s leading Ayurvedic experts, and took part in Ayurveda courses organised by Maharishi Mahesh Yogi.


Later, I learned about the value of wearing appropriate gemstones for promoting health and warding off unfavourable external influences (Jyotish Gems), and made these available in the UK.


Then I was fascinated to hear about the positive effect that buildings constructed according to Vedic architecture (Sthapatya Ved) can have on our health and happiness and this led to building a Garden Studio in Newhaven according to these principles. Maharishi Marma treatments are given in this ‘Vastu’ building.


Throughout my life people have told me that I have a gift for massage (‘healing hands’) and when I heard about Sukshma Marma therapy while in India a few years ago, I knew this was the technique for me. It’s a therapy that combines gentle touch, wonderful aromatherapy oils and profound inner experience to bring about a wide range of health benefits.


I studied with Dr Ernst Schrott, who had revived this technique and, after obtaining a Diploma in Sukshma Marma Therapy, I also translated Dr Schrott’s illustrated and very practical handbook entitled ‘Marma Therapy’ into English (available from me or from Amazon).


I offer Maharishi Marma treatments for a range of physical, mental and emotional issues and as a delightful way to maintain and improve general health.

Marek Lorys - Sukshma Marma Therapist

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