Introduction to Maharishi (Sukshma) Marma Therapy - 'sometimes gentleness can be more powerful than force' - hear about and experience this gentle but powerful massage therapy from the Ayurvedic tradition of ancient India. 

The session includes a brief introduction, a Maharishi Marma taster session and training in the wonderful self-treatment of the head, face and neck - 'Enlivenment of the Senses', which is lovely to practise at home. 

Yoga - simple yoga exercises for those who would like to enjoy the benefits of regular practice

Yoga asanas are simple, enjoyable postures that stretch, enliven and rejuvenate mind and body.


I teach a simple set of yoga asanas to small groups of people who would like to practise them on a regular basis at home without having to go to regular classes.

Ayurveda - the science of life - learn about your body-type (we're all different!) and how to use this knowledge to stay healthy.

Transcendental Meditation - a natural, effortless and highly effective meditation technique

Sthapatya Veda - 'Fortune-creating homes'

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