Sukshma Marma? Pardon?

No, I hadn’t ever heard of it, either. But my room-mate at the campus in India that I was visiting told me it was a gentle massage treatment with its roots in the age-old knowledge of Ayurveda, and I was intrigued. And I had been told - repeatedly - that ‘you have healing hands’ and then that ‘you have healing hands and you need to do something about it’ and then that ‘soon this is what you will be doing full-time’ so this time I listened.

I e-mailed the course organiser in the UK and found out that there was usually only one introductory course per year, and it just so happened that the next course started in Watford the evening that my plane from India touched down in Heathrow, just a half-hour drive away.

On the first full day of the course our teacher, Dr Ernst Schrott, demonstrated the technique on a lady who had been involved in three (!) car accidents, leaving her with whiplash, pain in her neck and back, and she couldn’t lift her head or turn it to the left. Dr Schrott was very relaxed, talked to her and to us throughout the procedure and, without any pressure or painful manipulation, just with a gentle massage of special Marma points, resolved her issues over a period of some 20 minutes. At the end of that time, the pain had passed, and she could raise and lower her head and move it to the left and right. Her smile said it all. It was a spell-binding performance!

Dr Schrott insisted that, with practice, we would all be able to help patients in this way. Wow! And then the training started and, strangely enough, it wasn’t like learning something new, but more like remembering. We learned specific protocols: a wonderful head/face/neck treatment that enlivens the senses, helps with sinusitis, and at the same time is rejuvenating and profoundly relaxing; a back treatment that deals with so many back, neck and shoulder problems. Later we added delightful treatments for the hands and feet - as those who have had or who have practised reflexology know, points on the hands and feet are connected to all other areas of the body, so that a hand or foot treatment, in addition to being restful in itself, is like a whole-body treatment.

And we also learned about specific treatments for specific conditions. I was amazed at the power of this technique and, in the next blog, I will talk about my first experiences giving Sukshma Marma treatments…

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