Sukshma Marma Day Course

Sunday 24 June 2018

9.30am - 4.30pm

Newhaven, East Sussex

Interested and intrigued by Sukshma Marma? How can doing so little have such a great effect? Why do people say things like: 'It was much more than I thought it would be - absolutely gorgeous.'; 'Incredibly relaxing extremely quickly - it's very powerful'; 'I came here with a headache and now it's gone - result!'; 'It was like the discomfort, emotional pain and depression turned to joy'.


Would you like to learn more about this technique and learn the basics of practising it?


Then come to the third one-day course on Sukshma Marma to be held in the UK. The course will be taught by Marek Lorys, a qualified Sukshma Marma practitioner and translator of Dr Schrott's Sukshma Marma reference work 'Marma Therapy' (available on Amazon and also - with no postage to pay! - on the day).


The course will be restricted to 6 participants.


Course structure 

- What are the Marmas?

- Origins of Sukshma Marma - timeless Vedic knowledge, modern revival

- The power of attention - proper touch heals

Treating the Marmas - treatment methods

Practice: Head and face - self-treatment

- Practice: Hand treatment - for self and partner

- Becoming a Sukshma Marma practitioner.


The course is open to both therapists and non-therapists who would like to learn the basics of Sukshma Marma. You will learn about the technique and how to use it for yourself and for friends and family. 


Course fee: £65.  This includes refreshments (coffee/tea/herbal teas/biscuits and cake in the afternoon) but excludes lunch (there is an Italian restaurant serving a variety of dishes including pizzas a few minutes’ walk away).

Comments from previous courses:

'That exceeded all expectations!'

'Thank you for giving your time - I really got a lot from that.'

'The energy here is amazing.'

Thank you once again for letting me experience your course which I thoroughly enjoyed.'

'The venue is great, and feeling the peaceful energy of the little house was really interesting, it made me want to build my future house like that! 

The course content was excellent as well, and I was really happy to see the content in the papers we got to bring home... Having videos was also very interesting, as well as the amazing audio... And the lunch was lovely and the cakes delicious. All in all a very good experience!'


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