What clients say:


'I can't thank you enough. It was a truly beautiful experience. Amazing talent you have. I'd like to recommend some of my friends to you too. Or even get them a treatment from you as a present.'


'My breathing became softer and softer. I could feel myself going down. At one time on verge of drifting off to sleep. It was lovely – I didn’t want it to stop.  You do it beautifully – very gently and intuitively.'


'As you gave attention to the points on my back I felt the pain and tension melting away' (patient who had been involved in a car accident and had whiplash injuries).


‘That was the best massage I’ve ever had, really powerful, just amazing! I’m overwhelmed by how lovely the treatment was – you really do have a magic touch. Also, when you were going up and down the spine – it was electric. Transcended many times.’


‘That was so relaxing, Marek… An incredible relaxation which I hadn’t experienced before in a treatment. Deep relaxed state. Wonderful. I feel like I’ve had 2 days’ sleep all in one go. You can feel energy moving from your toes to the top of your head. That was just lovely!'


Wonderful!…I was so relaxed. That was fantastic, yes, it was really good. Now, not so stiff, not so painful, when I bend’


'The treatment was absolutely wonderful. You have profoundly healing hands, and such a reassuring and sattvic presence as a practitioner.

My treatment was so blissful, and so profound in its effects. I could feel the healing and revitalising effect of it travelling blissfully to all the parts of my body, and felt knots being released. It's so extraordinary that such subtle, delicate touches can bring this depth of holistic enlivenment and transformation. That evening I felt quite delicate, and the next day I felt so relaxed and good. A friend said she could see the difference in me - from the light around me she said! Today I still feel the benefits, and I think regular treatments could do so much for health and the ongoing awakening of the body's inner intelligence. Quite apart from the fact that it's so enjoyable!'


'I settled deeply as soon as the treatment began. Some of the points were particularly enlivened at the moment of contact as if the energy had been waiting to be released there. This sent a quiet flow of bliss throughout the body. By the end of the treatment I was very expanded in my consciousness and had no wish to move, the body feeling profoundly settled and integrated. A powerful therapy.' 


'The marma was sooo relaxing and with the flow of consciousness. Lovely for my physiology. I went very deep and appreciate all of the rest and the whole treatment very much. I could hardly move. You are so kind as to let me lie there. I would like to return your table! How do I do that?'


'Thank you ever so much.  It was a wonderfully blissful experience. You have a wonderful gift in your touch.'  


'Thank you so much Marek! That was so powerful.'


'I felt totally relaxed and at ease during the treatment. Afterwards, I felt a new sense of lightness and being completely at peace in myself. My mind became free from all concerns and thoughts, and I felt a deep inner peace with life. A few days after I noticed that my health had improved as a result of this treatment'.


‘Incredibly relaxing extremely quickly – it’s very powerful’


Afterwards, I felt really energized and very engaged in the field of activity.  In fact, I kind of was like a rocket shot out of a cannon for the next few days.  Felt pretty strong.  I would definitely do a treatment like that again if you are around.’


'My experiences with the marma treatment were that I became aware of the network of meridians throughout my entire body. It seemed that the treatment activated the whole energy network in the body from each point as it was anointed. The energy system was filled with radiant light, and knowledge of Being. I felt very calm afterwards and although I was traveling for the next week the effects stayed with me throughout the entire vacation.' 


'I was mostly very, very deep, very settled, didn’t want to move. I transcended.'


'That’s beautiful – really liked the hot towel. I feel cleansed. Is it ok to sit up? I feel spaced out. Very pure energy in here (the Vastu treatment room) – it’s like there’s nothing here – actually there’s everything here. It all feels so balanced, it’s like there’s everything. Like a bubble – outside of time.'


'I don’t think I’m ever going to get up – that was beautiful. At one point I felt I was just going to float off the table. It was just beautiful.' (The lady’s friend commented after the treatment: ‘you look 10 years younger’.)


'You’ve got the touch. That was wonderful, stunning.' 


‘It was like floating on a cloud’


‘Felt that an old wound (pointing to right arm) had been completely healed on a very deep level’ 


'Felt like complete stillness. Like my breathing stopped.'


'Goes too fast – you want it to go on for ever!'


'Thanks again for this wonderful treatment! During and after the treatment I felt relaxed and refined on a deep subtle level. Afterwards I felt very relaxed and calm. Thank you and all the best!'


'I didn’t want it to end … ever. Best ever. It’s very powerful. I was, like, transcending. It was very deep. I never normally have this silence during the day.'


‘That was lovely. I think I’m starting to feel human again. Lots of areas of the body that weren’t communicating – seemed to be saying hello to each other. Lovely uniting feeling to it all.

During a riding fall I landed on my coccyx – during the treatment of that area it was as if it was saying ‘thank you for taking notice of me after all these years.’


‘For a moment the world stopped. That couldn’t have been better. It was perfect, really. I feel refreshed now.’


‘That was amazing – last week was lovely – this week even more so, very relaxing, comforting. I found myself inwardly smiling all the time. Thank you! Normally it would be hard to stay in the present moment. Each little [Marma] point was incredibly powerful. You think it couldn’t get better, but it does. When you were treating the head, I felt so light, great brightness and expansiveness. Then on the navel, it was so comforting. And the feet – uncannily powerful. Overall an energetic feeling of being cared for.’ 


‘Very deep…’

'The most unbelievably gentle therapy. Hard to imagine that it has such deep healing qualities. My experience was profound and quite awe inspiring. It is a great testimony to less is more! Comforting and deeply therapeutic. ..a recommendation to anyone! Trying us believing! Thank you for sharing such a Divine given treatment!'

'Felt like I was floating. Felt very deep relaxation. That was amazing!' Message the following morning: ' Hi Marek, thank you so much for the lovely treatment yesterday, it was deeply relaxing and this morning I have woken up with a lot less aches and pains! Many thanks'

'Wow, that was the most  relaxed I've ever ever been having any kind of treatment. Hearing the birds, the blinds knocking against the windows, it was so blissful, so blissful. I've never ever felt so relaxed in my life - and just within a few minutes. It could be so good for anyone!'


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